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Why You Should Hire These New York Personal Injury Lawyers

Oliveri & Schwartz, P.C. is a premier New York personal injury and medical malpractice law firm. We understand that you have many options. Why should you hire us? It starts with our mission …

Our 15-second video, paraphrasing the Mission of the American Association for Justice (formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America) summarizes our firm’s mission:

We fight to make sure that any person who is injured by the misconduct or negligence of others can obtain civil justice, even when taking on the most powerful interests.

Consultations are always free of charge.

Toll-Free Phone # (800) 427-9546.

Offices in Downtown Manhattan, Harlem, Long Island and Brooklyn.



Trial Lawyers Care

Trial Lawyers Care

Please check out this new site called It’s a site that lets people know what trial lawyers are doing to improve their communities and help others.

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This message is brought to you by Oliveri & Schwartz, P.C. – New York Personal Injury Lawyers. We are Trial Lawyers Who Care. Click through to our Community and Charitable Involvement Page. Thank you.


Can Congress Handle The Medical Malpractice Truth?

Can Congress Handle The Medical Malpractice Truth?

Public Citizen has just released its 2013 report on the costs of medical malpractice, concluding that medical malpractice payments do not increase health care costs. The “tort reformers” spread lies in their efforts to deny justice to American consumers, but the truth disproves the heartless, baseless and ceaseless rhetoric. Will certain members of Congress continue to buy into the lies, or will truth prevail?

Fact: medical malpractice litigation is not causing soaring medical costs in the United States.

Fact: malpractice payments made on behalf of doctors last year were at their lowest level since the government began tracking them almost a quarter-century ago.

Fact: since 2003, medical malpractice payments have fallen nearly 29% while national health care costs have risen over 58%, clearly contradicting contentions that malpractice litigation significantly increases health care costs.

National and state lawmakers who claim that they’re “fixing” our civil justice system, pointing to medical malpractice litigation as the “problem,” are fixing a “problem” that does not exist. Those lawmakers are misinformed and misguided, and should lay bare the true reasons why their contributors and supporters seek to restrict injured patients’ ability to seek redress in court.

Lawmakers intent on serving their constituents should focus on reducing the errors that lead to litigation, not reducing accountability for the errors.


Oliveri & Schwartz, P.C.- New York Personal Injury Lawyer- 1-800-427-9546

Oliveri & Schwartz, P.C.- New York Personal Injury Lawyer- 1-800-427-9546
youtube • New York Personal Injury Lawyer- New York City Personal Injury Accident Attorney. Personal Injury Attorney NYC. New York Personal Injury Lawyer Paul Oliveri, is well known for providing aggressive and effective legal representation throughout New York City. Serving The 5 boroughs including Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Harlem, Long Island, Queens and surrounding areas.


SAFE HAUL For Interstate Motor Carriers

SAFE HAUL For Interstate Motor Carriers

U.S. Congressman Matt Cartwright, a friend and colleague of ours – and a true champion for American consumers and our country’s beloved civil justice system – recently introduced his “SAFE HAUL” bill into Congress. The bill would raise the required insurance minimum for interstate motor-carriers. Why? Well, for starters, because the current amount is insufficient for modern society, and because the current minimum coverage amount has been around for over 30 years.

Congressman Cartwright’s SAFE HAUL bill will promote safety on our roads and highways by holding motor carriers responsible for properly inspecting and insuring their trucking operations. We are proud that the Congressman is introducing legislation such as this … legislation that protects the American public. Kudos to Congressman Matt Cartwright, and all who support the SAFE HAUL bill in Congress.


Thank You For Your Referrals

Thank You For Your Referrals

The best compliments we receive are when you recommend us to a friend or family member who may need help with their Personal Injury or Medical Malpractice Claim. We thank you.


4-Sided Swimming Pool Fence

4-Sided Swimming Pool Fence

Four-sided fencing around swimming pools decreases the risk of childhood drowning by 83 percent, as opposed to a three-sided fence with the fourth side formed by the home.

{Source: Unintentional Drowning: Fact Sheet, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention}