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Trial Lawyers – Champions of our Elderly

April 19, 2013

Trial lawyers are often the most effective – and sometimes the only – advocates for our nation’s vulnerable and powerless. This is especially true for our elderly citizens.

Bedsores, pressure sores, nursing home neglect, severe dehydration, failure to provide essential medical care, massive infections resulting in death. These injustices cry out for justice. Trial attorneys have been on the frontline of fighting for senior citizens’ legal rights, including legislative efforts to end forced arbitration clauses in nursing home contracts. Those clauses have barred too many wronged consumers, young and old,¬†from our country’s courtrooms.

Too often, the standard documents that nursing facilities require families of prospective residents to sign include a clause requiring a forced arbitration of any disputes with the facility. In other words, the clause says that you give up your legal rights if the facility’s wrongdoing causes harm to the patient. If at all possible, we advise that the arbitration clause be removed before signing the contract.

Sadly, studies show that neglect and abuse of nursing home residents have reached epidemic proportions, with rampant citations for health and safety deficiencies. The victims of such poor care are doubly victimized, when the forced arbitration clause blocks all attempts to seek justice in court.

We are shocked by the needless deaths and injuries caused by an industry that too often puts profits over people. Regulatory and legislative bodies have been overwhelmed by the nursing home problem, and trial lawyers have once again stepped into the breach to seek justice and safety.

When the medical and nursing facilities completely fail them, injured nursing home residents and their families deserve quality, compassionate legal representation. We must do everything we can to ensure they are not denied basic legal rights. Trial Lawyers – Champions of our Elderly.


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