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Toyota Unintended Vehicle Acceleration Litigation

March 25, 2013

The first trial will be happening in the near future, for a personal injury case against Toyota in the nationwide multidistrict litigation (MDL) concerning unintended vehicle acceleration. The Toyota MDL includes more than 150 personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits that are now pending before a federal judge in California.
In the first trial, which could start as soon as November, the lead plaintiff is the estate of Ida St. John, who suffered several broken vertebrae in 2009. She crashed her Toyota Camry into a school gymnasium in Columbus, GA.
Ms. St. John, who passed away last year, commenced a lawsuit against Toyota in 2010 based on claims that her car abruptly accelerated when she turned into the school driveway. Due to her car’s defective equipment, including a faulty accelerator pedal, she claimed she could not stop her vehicle despite stepping on the brakes.
To date, Toyota has paid more than $1 Billion to settle claims for economic damages related to recalled vehicles. Overall, the company has recalled more than 10 million vehicles covering at least 17 different models, including recalls based on unexpected acceleration, faulty floor mats, brake problems, drive shaft malfunctions, and other problems. The California Toyota trial will be closely watched.

Unintended Vehicle Acceleration

Unintended Vehicle Acceleration

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