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Truck Hazards on U.S. Highways

March 19, 2013

Recent data from the U.S. Department of Transportation and NHTSA suggest that although America’s highways are experiencing fewer auto fatalities each year, the number of fatal truck accidents is trending upward. With the large cargo load and high speeds of trucks involved in these crashes, adding in fatigued drivers behind the wheel, it’s no wonder that trucks are a growing danger in our country.

Consider these Trucking Dangers:

65% of truckers reported sometimes or often feeling drowsy while driving.

48% of truckers admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel of a semi-truck within the past year.

Obese truckers, during their first two years on the road, are 43% to 55% more likely to be involved in a crash when compared to those truckers with a normal Body Mass Index.

During the hours of darkness, only 25% of traffic operates but 55% of fatal truck crashes occur during these hours.

More conspicuous trucks (including fluorescent colors, retroreflective sheeting, and/or neon tape to clearly distinguish on the highways) would help this issue.

Commercial-vehicle crashes are 7 times more likely to be fatal to other drivers on the road, and are estimated to cost nearly $48 Billion per year due to death, injury, and property damage.

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