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9/11 Zadroga Health Care Act

March 1, 2013

First responders, emergency personnel and others who were injured while working at Ground Zero might be entitled to compensation under the national Zadroga Health Care Act, and it does not cost a penny to learn whether you are entitled to compensation.  Injured claimants or their loved ones should contact knowledgable attorneys at once, for complimentary no-obligation consultations, since there are strict time limits on the filing of a claim. The Zadroga Act, by the way, is not a lawsuit. A claimant is not a litigant or a plaintiff in court, and noone is being sued. Rather, the victims of those dark days of 9/11 and its aftermath  are filing claims under a national compensation program that is known as the 9/11 Zadroga Health and Compensation Act. The program funds health monitoring and financial aid for sick Ground Zero workers, and there are multiple types and categories of compensable injuries. A recent client’s injury involves significant lung damage. The compensation fund can be compared to a pain and suffering award, but the process and Fund rules are not the same as apply in the courts of New York. The goal is the same, however, which is to achieve some measure of justice.


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