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Fires, smoke inhalation and burn injuries.

August 4, 2012

My law firm represents victims of building fires, smoke inhalation and burn injuries. In the New York metro region, our cases often involve apartment fires. In addition to burn and smoke inhalation injuries, these cases often involve wrongful deaths.

We typically retain professional fire investigators, to determine the origin and cause of the fire and assess whether or not any dangerous conditions existed that contributed to the death/injury of those involved.

Coupled with careful review of fire department reports and records, along with the apartment lease and associated case documents, we determine how and why the fire started. A slow burning, high heat fire, for example, is consistent with an electrical malfunction of an appliance in the apartment.

Our fire investigator in a recent case victory cited multiple building codes and safety standards, concluding that the absence of smoke detectors deprived the occupants of an early warning of the growing fire and smoke condition.

Without early warning, the occupants were not aware of the fire until it was burning for a substantial time period and had time to grow and fill the apartment with smoke and toxic gases. The buildup of toxic gases from the large amount of smoke was a direct cause of the injuries sustained by the apartment occupants.

We showed that the building landlord and management company violated the applicable codes and safety standards. Unsafe conditions were created and allowed to exist. This caused the injuries sustained by our injured clients.

On the eve of trial, our case was successfully settled with the property’s liability insurance company.


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