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E.R.’s Failure To Order Cardiac Workup = Medical Negligence

June 22, 2012
ER FAILURE TO GET CARDIAC WORKUP. 59 year old man arrived at Hospital ER at 10:45 AM on 5/7/10 with severe chest pain and burning in throat.  Upon admission his BP was  175/95.  Stated chest pain started with drinking Orange Juice in AM.  EKG done showed LVH but otherwise unremarkable.  No enzyme blood test done.  Released at 12:36 with Pepcid, diagonosed with GERD.  During the two hours he was in ER, he did state that his pain subsided after taking Maalox.  At release his BP was 165/96.   He was told to see a Doctor in 5 days. On 5/9/10, he died of a massive heart attack.

Based on these facts, and subject to an expert’s review and opinion, we would argue that this is a meritorious Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death case. It was a deviation to discharge without a further cardiac workup or immediate referral to cardiologist. 


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