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Attorney’s Contingency Fee Explained

April 4, 2012
A client recently asked: ” … how much is your attorney’s fee?  What percentage do you get from the award I may receive?”
We replied, as follows: “We will be seeing each other in the near future, and we can more fully discuss this in person. Briefly, the attorneys’ fee is one-third of a net recovery. Case expenses which have been advanced by the attorneys are deducted from the award; that resulting number is the net recovery. You would get two-thirds of that, but this brief explanation does not include a reduction for any valid liens. Using random numbers (having nothing to do with our estimation of your case’s actual value), just to illustrate:  if you deduct case expenses of $1,000 from a $10,000 award, you are left with a $9,000 net recovery. The one-third attorneys’ fee is $3,000. The two-thirds client’s portion is $6,000, but … this does not account for any liens that are to be deducted from the client’s portion. Feel free to call us, or wait until we meet in person, to further discuss this. We hope this helped a bit. Best regards –

Paul F. Oliveri, Esq. OLIVERI & SCHWARTZ, P.C. – Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island Offices –

Correspondence to: 1825 Park Avenue – 9th Floor New York, NY 10035-1914

Telephone # (212) 987-1100



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