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Crime victims seek civil justice attorneys

December 10, 2011

We are proud members of several civil justice and plaintiffs’ bar groups, including The National Crime Victims Bar Association. With the national widespread attention to the recent Penn State sexual abuse cases, we have been receiving a higher than usual volume of phone calls from New York State crime victims who are seeking information about their civil legal remedies. Our firm is willing and able to represent victims of crime in the civil justice system.

The child sexual abuse cases arising out of Penn State are shocking. A silver lining, so to speak, is that many crime victims are finding the confidence to speak out. Setting aside their past reluctance and shame and fear, many victims are now motivated to seek out the rights, protections and services they need and deserve.

The National Crime Victims Bar Association, in particular, works to help crime victims, to reform institutional practices, to change laws and to educate the public about the dynamics of child sex abuse and common reactions seen in survivors. Institutional leaders are urged to foster institutional cultures that openly condemn abuse, require reporting and promote accountability of perpetrators. The group, for example, is working to pass legislation that would create a window in which victims can still sue perpetrators even if the Statute of Limitations has expired; in other words, to seek civil justice no matter how long ago they were abused.

We, and our colleagues, are committed to work zealously and tirelessly to ensure that injured victims find justice and that the nation understands the path to preventing sex abuse and unspeakable crimes.


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