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Have you thanked a trial attorney today?

November 28, 2011

Trial attorneys have helped to make America a safer place to work, to drive, to receive medical care and the list goes on and on. Trial attorneys often represent individual consumers who have been harmed by careless or uncaring governments, corporations and big businesses. We strive to strengthen our Civil Justice systems, in the face of constant challenges by special interest groups such as the insurance lobby, pharmaceutical companies, state medical societies, etc. We stand up in court for our clients. We speak to judges and juries, seeking civil justice for the injured and maimed. We also face those challenges head on by actively participating in our country’s legislative process through lobbying efforts, continuing education, media relations and ongoing public communications. Despite the special interests’ self-serving efforts to weaken the civil justice system and avoid accountability, trial attorney organizations defend the rights of innocent victims and also mount affirmative legislative action to strengthen consumers’ rights public policy. These goals present an uphill battle, but the mission is right and just. Just our two cents. So, we ask, “Have you thanked a trial attorney today?” Humbly, we suggest that you should.


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