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September 30, 2011

Automobile Airbags – Most airbag systems are made up of three basic components, the bag (constructed of a woven material similar to nylon, which is folded like a parachute, coated with talc like powder that lubricates the air bag material for storage. After deployment, this powdery dust may contain residue from the chemical reaction, which may cause minor irritation.); inflation system, similar to a solid rocket booster. Solid material ignites which burns extremely hot and rapidly to create gas. This action inflates the nitrogen gas (pulsed) via the chemical reaction of sodium azide (Na N3) and potassium nitrate (KNO3), in some older vehicles; and sensor, an electrical and/or mechanical device, which triggers a firing squib, which activates the inflation system and deploys the air bag. The electrical sensor uses a tiny accelerometer, which determines certain types of decelerations.Generally, airbag systems will be deployed at a vehicle that is traveling a range of minimum speeds, subject to factors such as type of impact, position, change in speed and location of the vehicle. Some newer vehicles are being equipped with side / curtain, knee, belt, seat / door mounted airbags as well as the required frontal ones.


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